We have many years of experience in the sector; we work aluminum in twelve different alloys, with thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 1100 mm.

Magnesium and aluminum alloys, magnesium aluminum silicon alloys, copper aluminum.

Aluminum, copper and zinc based alloys specifically designed to build molds.

The iron division operates mainly in the sectors of carpentry, mechanics, construction and plant engineering.

Allow us to prepare the material cutted to size, according to the needs of the user, quickly and with extreme precision.

Consegna rapida e capillare in Italia e all'estero
Fast and widespread delivery in Italy and abroad

We are able to make same-day deliveries in the provinces of Pavia, Milan and Novara; we reach the neighboring regions within 24 hours and in 48 the whole Italian territory.

Excellent services

Large assortment in stock of plates in aluminum, pre-working, cut to measure, release of certifications, technical consultation, complete assistance

Our services
Aluminium division

Vast assortment of aluminum plates in stock, pre-processing, cutting to size, issuing certificates, technical advice, complete assistance

Iron division

Plates, grills, pipes and beams in iron. Products thought above all to the sectors of the mechanics, carpentry, plants and housebuilding



Experience and professionalism

From the far 1961 Italferro at Gambolò, town of the province of Pavia, represents a prestigious name in the market of the alloys in aluminum and of the iron and steel industry.

Our aluminium division can boast a notable specialization related to the sector of stamps and of the mechanical applications.

The iron division is targeted above all to the sectors of the carpentry, of the mechanics, of the housebuilding and of the plants.

We of Italferro are a reality in continuous ferment, dynamics and desirous to improve our own offer.Since the year of our foundation we work every day to seek innovative solutions in order to satisfy every application of the clients. We set the highest attention to the last tendencies and novelty of the sector, adjusting accordingly us through the providing of exhaustive and punctual solutions.

Our points of strenght

Complete assortment with huge deposit of material, global service to the client, rapid and precise cut-to-measure, fast deliveries, competence and technical consultation, competitive prices with flexibility and punctuality in order to satisfy every demand of the commercial partners. Our activity, specialized in iron and steel industry and aluminium workmanship at Gambolò, provides services of excellent quality and has a specialized team. The distribution of the products is fast and capillary in Italy and the foreign countries. They carry out daily deliveries in province in Milan, Pavia and Novara, while for the delivery of some materials in the remaining zones of Lombardia and Piemonte the delivery time is of only 24 hours. Within 48 hours the delivery in Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Friuli, Tuscany and in the remaining parts of Italy is also guaranteed. Italferro has 11 lines of cut that allow to prepare the material cut-to-measure, according to the demand of the client, in brief times and with precision. Besides we can also provide pre-workmanships to our clients. Pre-workmanships for milling on aluminium and iron: contouring, boring, grinding, disks and rings in aluminum up to diameter 2500 mm, shapes in aluminium.


Specialised in aluminium alloys and iron-steel industry


We carry out pre-processing for milling on aluminum and iron, contouring, drilling, grinding, aluminum disks and rings up to 2500 mm diameter, aluminum shapes.


Italferro have eleven cutting lines that allow us to prepare the material cut to size, in relation to the user's needs, quickly and with extreme precision.
We are also able to provide customers with pre-processing, such as milling, to obtain perforated, outlined, rectified plates, discs and particular shapes.

Constant updates

In order to always keep up with the times, our specialized staff undergoes important sector updates and in-depth seminars. It is important for us to be able to guarantee all our customers cutting-edge services and products, which are able to fully satisfy all kinds of requests. For this we invest every day on the most modern technologies, through which it is possible to achieve the desired results.

Wide assortment of products

We have a wide selection of aluminum plates in stock and we guarantee our numerous customers a range of complete services. Complete assortment (Stock of 7000 tons), quality of materials at the highest levels, release of quality certificates according to European Standards.

Fast deliveries in Italy and abroad

Daily deliveries are made in the province of Milan, Pavia and Novara, while the delivery is only 24 hours for the delivery of goods in the remaining areas of Lombardy and Piedmont.

Delivery is guaranteed within 48 hours in Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Friuli, Tuscany and in the rest of Italy.

Contact us

Contact Us

Italferro is located in Gambolò (PV), in viale Industria 36/38.

Our office is opened, from monday to friday, from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 18.00

viale Industria 36/38

27025 Gambolò (PV)

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